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spend 2 years running and aerodynamics will give anyone a permanent hairstyle. 

Logan Lerman for GQ Magazine - November 2014

@LoganLerman Hey everyone! Please check out my new film #FuryMovie this weekend. Proud of this one.

"War does horrible things to people, and what soldiers have to go through is something that is very humbling to think about while portraying a soldier in a movie. It was something to think about that we went through as actors, and I think it brings acknowledgement and respect to those who fought."
Film is what Logan has lived and studied his entire life, becoming, as he puts it,”A little bit of a savant” when it comes to the medium (“Not an idiot, just a savant.”), and our conversation bears this out. He’s knowledgeable about the industry and deeply thoughtful about his craft. Above all else, Logan Lerman is a professional, full of gratitude for everything around him and possessing an eagerness that’s quiet, non-invasive.
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